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A facial is a relaxing, therapeutic and beneficial experience that is designed to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate the skin of the face.  Our facials are a unique service tailored specifically for each Client.  These treatments may address skin specific issues such as: Dehydration, Dullness, Anti-Aging, Oiliness, Acne, Rosacea. Your Aesthetician will create a therapeutic facial treatment customized just for you that will rejuvenate and restore your skin.

The Look & Science of Skincare

Professional Medical Grade Skincare Product Lines

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Office Policies

Cancellation / No Show Policy

We kindly request a 24-Hour notice of Cancellation or reschedule prior to service time to avoid a Full Service Charge.

Late Arrivals

Arriving late will simply shorten the time for Your treatment, thus limiting the time for Your wonderful Spa experience. Your treatment will end at the scheduled time, so that the next Client will not be inconvenienced by delay. The Full value of Your treatment will be applied in this circumstance.


Gratuities are not included in menu prices for services. Cash for gratuities are accepted.

~ All gratuities are graciously appreciated ~

Hello, Gorgeous!

I'm your friendly neighborhood aesthetician, here to make you feel FABULOUS in your skin. My name is Nikki and I've been obsessed with all things skin, health, and beauty since I was old enough to hold a gua sha stone.

With over 10 years of experience and a passion for skincare that borders on obsession, I'm the go-to gal for all your esthetic needs. From Dermaplaning to Chemical Peels to waxing, I got you!

When I'm not making my clients feel like the queens they are, you can find me spending time with my 3 beautiful children & amazing boyfriend, beachin’ with my besties, or blowing my money on latest skincare trends and products (so you don’t have to) 🤗

So come on in, kick off your shoes, and let's get started! Trust me, after a session with me, you'll leave feeling like a brand new person. And even better, finally feeling GREAT in your skin! See you soon ❤️


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Teeth Whitening

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Colgate Optic White

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Botox Injection



$650 per syringe, $50 off 2nd syringe



$500 per syringe, $50 off 2nd syringe

Look Aesthetics Office Hours


9am - 5pm


9am - 5pm


9am - 5pm


By Appointment Only


By Appointment Only





Advanced Customized Facials

Please plan for 60-75 minutes for your facial treatment

Signature Customized Facial


This custom facial is designed to help clients relax. Our aesthetician will consult with you, analyze your skin, & discuss the recommended treatments to achieve the best results.

Hydro-Infusion Facial


This facial infuses serums into the dermal layer that will hydrate the skin leaving dull, dry skin with a diminished appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, feeling nourished & looking hydrated & refreshed.

Micro-Current Facial Sculpting


An addition to the Customized Facial, the use of Micro-current technology creates a lifting effect by stimulating the muscles, nerves and cells of the dermal & epidermal layers of skin.

Facials are relaxing and beneficial. We offer an extensive level of care and attention to help our clients truly enjoy their visit. Our Aesthetician is knowledgeable in a wide variety of skin care products and therapies and will help you achieve a smoother, more youthful skin.

Benefits of Facial Treatment

Men and women who are unhappy with the appearance of impurities and blemishes on their face, neck, chest or back would benefit from facial treatments.

Candidates for Facial Treatment

After your treatment, you will be given recommendations for a customized after & Home-care skincare protocol. While there is no recovery period required, you will be advised on ways to maintain your facial results. We recommend protecting your skin from the negative effects of sun with SPF sunscreen.

After Your Facial Treatment


Dermaplaning is a minimally invasive, skin resurfacing treatment that utilizes a special blade to exfoliate off vellus hair (peach fuzz) and the uppermost layers of dead skin cells.

Lactic Peel & Dermaplaning


Dermaplane (Facial Add-On)


Dermaplaning makes the skin, softer, smoother and brighter and allows your skin care products more effective penetration. You will not want to stop touching your face afterwards because it will feel so velvety smooth.

Benefits of Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning can be done on virtually anyone. looking to improve their skin texture.  We recommend those with active acne, cold sores, eczema, psoriasis, recent surgery, active infections, burns or rashes in the area not receive a dermaplaning treatment.

Candidates for Dermaplaning

Your skin may temporarily be a little red and slightly tender right after your treatment. Your skin care specialist will recommend after are products, and sunscreen. We recommend staying out of the sun and wearing makeup for 24 hours.

After Your Dermaplaning Treatment


Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive treatment that uses a pen shaped device made up of micro-fine needles that produce micro-punctures in the skin. These micro punctures stimulate the skin to repair itself, there for stimulating new collagen.

We recommend doing microneedling in a series of 3 every 4 weeks.

Face Only


Add-On Neck


Add-On Chest


Microneedling can minimize fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, stretch marks, large pores & more and enhances the absorption of skin care products to your skin. Microneedling works best when done in a series of treatments.

Benefits of Microneedling

Microneedling is recommended for most men and women. You may not be a good candidate if you have an active skin condition an infection that involves  the treatment area. Complimentary consultations are available to determine if microneedling is right for you.

Candidates for Microneedling

Your skin may be slightly pink and feel a little sensitive after the  microneedling treatment. No downtime is needed afterwards except to stay out of the sun for several days.

After Your Microneedling Treatment


Microdermabrasion, also known as "microderm", is a comfortable treatment that gently exfoliates the skin to produce a refreshed, radiant appearance. The treatment can be repeatedly monthly to keep your skin looking its best.

Standard (Face, Neck, & Chest)


Microderm Facial Add-On


Microdermabrasion stimulates cell turnover, improving the appearance of fine lines and superficial pigmentation issues. It is also effective in treating other superficial flaws such as acne scars, sun damage, dull/rough complexion, fine lines, age spots, pigmentation, and more!

Benefits of Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a safe treatment for most skin types. You may not be a good candidate if you have active skin conditions that affect the surface of your skin. Microdermabrasion is especially effective when done regularly.

Candidates for Microdermabrasion

After the treatment, your skin may be slightly pink for a few hours. Using a high-quality sunscreen protects your skin from sun damage.

After Your Microdermabrasion Treatment

Customized Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are mild to moderate, medical-strength professional skin care products that utilize safe chemicals and replenishing nutrients to exfoliate the skin and stimulate the growth of new cells.

Lactic / Glycolic Peels

$65 - $195

Chemical peels are a great way to exfoliate the outer layers of skin, which promotes new skin growth. The new skin is smoother and softer than the rough outer layers, so your skin has a fresher, more vibrant appearance in as little as one week.

Benefits of Chemical Peels

Just about anyone can be a good candidate for a chemical peel. Ideal clients wish to improve the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, rough/dry skin, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, sun spots, blemishes, and freckles.

Candidates for Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are minimally invasive  procedures. Following a chemical peel, your skin will be sensitive. Any pertinent instructions and guidelines will be explained to you before and after your treatment.

After Your Chemical Peel

Lash and Brow Services

Our professional lash and brow tinting services help to darken and/or color your eyelashes and eyebrows. The color is considered semi-permanent, and you will need touch-up treatments as lashes grow and shed. We also offer eyebrow waxing and brow shaping. We recommend this for clients who want a clean, arched look to their eyebrows.

Brow Tinting


Lash Tinting


Lash and brow tinting, waxing, and shaping is an excellent way to reduce the need for makeup. When done by a licensed Aesthetician, it can help lashes and brows look fuller, healthier, and more symmetrical. 

Benefits of Lash & Brow Services

Our lash and brow services are recommended for most clients. Some skin conditions and allergies may indicate that you are not a good candidate, so we recommend that you speak openly with your Aesthetician about medical conditions and other issues that you may be experiencing.

Candidates for Lash & Brow Services

Depending on the service you receive, lash and brow services usually do not require any downtime. Permanent makeup does require some aftercare to help the skin heal properly. Your after care requirements for your specific procedure will be discussed with you by your Aesthetician.

After Your Lash & Brow Services

Facial Waxing

Look Aesthetics brings you the ultimate solution for hassle-free removal of unwanted facial hair. Our skilled aestheticians can help to ensure a seamless experience that leaves your face looking flawless. Enhance your natural beauty by sculpting your eyebrows to perfectly complement the shape of your face, while bidding farewell to any unwanted hair on the lip, chin, or entire face.





Full Face (Starting at)












Half Arm (Starting at)


Full Arm (Starting at)


Full Legs (Starting at)


Upper Leg (Starting at)


Discover the aesthetic wonders of facial waxing: achieve impeccably shaped brows that enhance your face, bid farewell to unwanted hair, and unveil a flawless, polished look. Experience the transformative power of facial waxing at Look Aesthetics.

Benefits of Waxing Services

Any type of client at any age is a candidate for facial waxing. If you feel self-conscious about unwanted hair, or seek a professional to tame your eyebrows, facial waxing is an easy and effective method for obtaining the appearance you’re looking for.

Candidates for Waxing Services

It is important that you only use sunscreen that is mild and safe for your skin, with at least 30 SPF for the first one to two days following your facial wax. If your skin is hypersensitive to sunlight, it is recommended that you take extra precautions when spending time outside.

After Your Waxing Services

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Body Contouring / Tightening


Organic Customized Airbrush Spray Tan


For Patients


per unit

For Non-Patients


per unit



$700 per vial

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