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Unlock Affordable Dental And Vision Care With Look Dental & Vision's DEVRA Program

Welcome to Look Dental & Vision’s DEVRA Program, your gateway to affordable dental and vision care. DEVRA, which stands for Dental & Vision Relief ASA, is our commitment to making essential healthcare accessible to everyone, even if you don’t have insurance.


Unlocking Affordability: DEVRA is tailored to meet the needs of uninsured patients, ensuring that the cost is not a barrier to your oral and visual health. Our program provides significant discounts on a range of dental and vision services.

Comprehensive Care: With DEVRA, you gain access to our full spectrum of services, from routine check-ups and cleanings to advanced dental procedures and comprehensive eye exams. Your health is our priority, and DEVRA is designed to support your overall well-being.

How DEVRA Works:

  1. Membership: Joining DEVRA is easy. Simply sign up at our office, and you’ll instantly become a member, unlocking exclusive discounts on various services.

  2. Discount Tiers: DEVRA offers different discount tiers based on the type of service, ensuring that you receive the best possible rates for your specific needs.

  3. No Insurance Hassle: Say goodbye to complicated insurance processes. DEVRA is straightforward, transparent, and eliminates the paperwork associated with traditional insurance plans.


Key Features of DEVRA:

  • Affordability: Enjoy discounted rates on dental and vision services, making healthcare costs more manageable.

  • Flexibility: DEVRA is designed for individuals and families, providing affordable dental and vision care flexibility to access the treatment you need.

  • No Waiting Periods: Once you’re a DEVRA member, there are no waiting periods. You can start benefiting from the discounts immediately.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: From basic dental cleanings to vision screenings and more, DEVRA covers a wide range of services to support your overall health.


Implant Start to Finish



Implant Crown and Abutment



Implant Placement



Crown Restoration

(All porcelain crowns)


$921 - $1,076

Root Canals

Treatment of the inside of a tooth, when the nerve becomes infected. Infected nerve is removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned, then filled and sealed with a rubber-like material. Afterwards, the tooth will need a crown.

$680 - $955


Socket Graft

Bone graft material placed in tooth socket after an extraction to prevent jaw shrinkage for an implant placement in the future.


$383 - $509

Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extractions

The process of a wisdom tooth removal that involves extracting a tooth that is partially stuck in the jaw.

$273 - $321

$207 - $393


Extractions range from the tooth and root being removed to the process in which a tooth may need surgical instruments to be used due to difficulty of removal.

$154 - $226

$202 - $451

White Composite Filling

White tooth filling material used to fill the tooth where decay was removed.

$128 - $275


Limited Exam and a Periapical (PA) X-Ray or Panoramic X-Ray

Examination that addresses a specific problem or tooth including a small x-ray that shows a specific area of concern.



Child (Ages 2-12)

  • Periodic Exam

  • Free Pan X-Ray*

  • Prophy (Light Scaling & Polish)

  • 2 Bitewing X-Rays

  • Fluoride Treatment



Adult (Ages 13 & Up)

  • Periodic Exam

  • Free X-Ray

  • Prophy (Light Scaling & Polish)

  • 4 Bitewing X-Rays



Adult (Ages 13 & Up)

  • Initial Exam

  • Free X-Ray

  • Prophy (Light Scaling & Polish)

  • 4 Bitewing X-Rays



Child (Ages 2-12)

  • Initial Exam

  • Free Pan X-Ray*

  • Prophy (Light Scaling & Polish)

  • 2 Bitewing X-Rays

  • Fluoride Treatment



Crizal Easy (Blue Blocker)


Starting at $235

Progressive Lenses* **



Lined Trifocal Lenses* **



Lined Bifocal Lenses* **



Single Vision Lenses* **


Starting at $115

Optical Frames

35% OFF

$65 - $75

Contact Lens Fitting

$55 - $65


Office Visit

Only if a problem is NOT found



Full Eye Exam

Including Refraction & Dilation




DEVRA Savings

Non-Insured Cost

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